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120 BUTTER BOX Film Case By Cameradactyl

120 BUTTER BOX Film Case By Cameradactyl

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120 Box Colour
Internal Tray Colour

120 BUTTER BOX Film Case By Cameradactyl

Officially licensed product by Ethan Moses (stable genius) of Cameradactyl USA

Made by Simon Forster Photographic in the UK

BUTTER BOX Film Case for 5 rolls of 120 film

Load your film into the tray, slide the tray into the box, lock the tray with the screw. Don't lose the screw...

Choose your box colour, then choose your tray/screw colour, I will not judge you, and I have other colours available upon request

A "120mm" version is available upon request for your amusement and to annoy pedants/people that have a duty to point out the correct way in life

It's not cheap, but it takes 8 hours to make

35mm version can be found here

Made with UK/EU PLA plant-based, recyclable and industrially compostable

Not supplied with film or a Hasselblad

If in doubt as to whether this grip is correct for your camera, please ask and I will help you

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